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How to customize email message in the field level?

The field name in the form is field_N. The N starts from 0. For example, you have 3 fields in the form,  the field names in the form will be field_0, field_1, field_2. If you want to control every field value in the email message, you can use %field_N% format.

please click the “Customize email & auto-response message” link, then put your customized message to the text box. Here is an example:

Customizing email message for EVERY field:

Sender's Email : %field_0%
Full Name: %field_1%

Web Administrator

IP: %IP%
Date: %Date%
Time: %Time%

As you can see, you can also use  %IP% for sender’s IP, %Date% for date of server , and %Time% for time of server.

If you want  html format email, please use standard html tags in the template. Using style block and javascript code block in the email template might not work as you expect, because they might be blocked or removed when you receive.

See below screen shot for details:

2 Responses to “How to customize email message in the field level?”

  1. Nikki Harbeston says:

    Your forums are wonderful and the response time from you is great! Keep up the good work!!

  2. pablo says:

    Hi, sorry for my english.
    I made a dropdows, but when i use de %field_x% for the dropdows in a customized email, it shows %field_x% only. The data is not show. Can you help me