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Web Form with Unlimited Levels of Dependent Dropdowns

A lots of users asking whether the form maker can implement  dependent dropdrowns  easily.  After a few days hard work, the answer is YES. Now you can make unlimited levels of dependent dropdown list.

Four Predefined Dependent Dropdowns in One Form Demo

  1. 2 levels (State/Province of USA and Canada)
  2. 3 levels (Full country, city and State/Province of USA and Canada only)
  3. 3 levels (All cities of USA and Canada)
  4. 3 levels (All cities of the world)

The world’s city data is from mysql.com world.sql.zip. The sample data used in the world database is Copyright Statistics Finland, http://www.stat.fi/worldinfigures.

The original data is ANSI format. I have counverted it to utf-8 format.  I don’t know how update the data is.

Check Out the Demo or Watch How-To Video

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