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Why I receive email with username and password sent by the Form Admin Panel?
  • admin March 2011
    For the old forms, there is a link "I forgot my password" in form admin panel ( admin.php ). Clicking the link will send you the account information email without any verification. The link might be visited by search engines crawlers. That's why you get emails. I'm sorry for the problem.

    I have changed the "forgot password" process for the email form admin panel. A email verification from will be shown before sending email of the account information. So the new form will not have the problem again.

    In order to fix the unrequested email for the old forms,  two methods can be used to fix the problem completely :

    1) edit the admin.php manually, remove the following mailing password function completely :

    function phpfmg_mail_password(){
        if( defined( 'PHPFMG_USER' ) && defined( 'PHPFMG_PW' ) ){
            $body = "Here is the password for your form admin panel:\n\nUsername: " . PHPFMG_USER . "\nPassword: " . PHPFMG_PW . "\n\n" ;
            if( 'html' == PHPFMG_MAIL_TYPE )
                $body = nl2br($body);
            mailAttachments( PHPFMG_USER, "Password for Your Form Admin Panel", $body, PHPFMG_USER, 'You', "You <" . PHPFMG_USER . ">" );
            echo "<center>Your password has been sent.<br><br><a href='admin.php'>Click here to login again</a></center>";

    2) or login to admin.php to re-generate the form, and use the new admin.php to replace your old one. Because I change the whole process on the "forgot password". It will verify the email first before sending the password. See screen shot for detail.

    request-form-admin-panel-password.jpg 19K