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How to load a PHP form in Joomla?
  • admin March 2012
    I would like to thank Mark (G9 Capital). He is very kind to provide a very detailed instructions. Enjoy!

    I needed a Joomla extension to handle a PHP form and the best one I found
    is called “Jumi”

    Jumi is very simple to download and it can be found at this link

    Instructions are:

    1) Download the Jumi extension.

    2) Open the Jumi program from the list of extensions in your website.

    3) You will see two examples, then just click “New” and enter a name for
    your form.

    4) You can ignore all other fields, simply go to where it says “pathname”
    and enter the name of your form, ie websiteformname/form.php

    5) Click “Save”

    That’s it, your PHP FormMail Generator form should now work flawlessly in
    your website. You can see my form at this link


    The above instructions of course apply to your form only although I am sure
    others would work pretty much the same. A very similar method would work for
    Joomla and Wordpress sites.


    I hope this helps and thanks again.