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Variables for Email Subject and Message
  • admin March 2011

    Implementation and use of the generator was childsplay! Very
    awesome generator, extremely useful if you need a form and need it fast,
    therefore cofffee + i will be recommending this to friends.

    In terms of feedback, the only thing that i somewhat missed is an option to put form variables in the mail's subject line.
    example i just used your generator to generate an e-mail form for
    people to fill out if they are going to be at a certain student party. 

    It would be nice if you could somehow have; #somevariable# #someothervariable# with student number #yetanothervariable# would like to be at the party!




    All the form field values can be used for email subject line and body of the email message, both for the email you receive and the auto-response email.

    The format of the field name is field_N. The N starts from 0. For example, you have 3 fields in the form,  the field names in the form will be field_0, field_1, field_2. If you want to control every field value in the email message, you can use %field_N% format. The %field_N% will be replaced with its value when the form submitted.

    See screen shot below for details :


    See How to customize email message in the field level? for more.

    variable-for-suject.jpg 103K