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How to send a brochure download link in the auto-response email? or download a pdf file on-demand?
  • admin October 2013
    You can probably do it with following steps. See screenshot below for more details.

    1) create a drop down with options like this, let's assume the field ID is %field_2%:

    - Please Select-=
    Brochure 1=brochure1.pdf
    Brochure 2=brochure1.pdf
    Brochure 3=brochure3.pdf

    2) customize your auto-response message, with the the variable %field_2% make up the brochure download link:

    Dear %TitleOfSender% %NameOfSender%,

    Thank you for purchasing our product. You can download the brochure with this link: <br>
    <a href="">Download Brochure</a>

    We will contact you shortly.

    Sale Dept.

    3) download, extract it and upload it to your own website

    4) remember to upload all the brochure pdf files to the same folder of your form

    5) test your form

    Hope it works for you.

    download-brochure-dropdown.jpg 639K