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Knowing emails sent by which email form page using variables %FormPageLink% and %HTTP_REFERER%
  • admin September 2011

    I have a little question: can I put at the subject form a code so that when I receive a message from my website, helps me know in which page is at that moment the user? For example: "Offer request for the product located at this page: ...(refurl)..."
    I mention that I use this form in several different pages and I need to know from which page it comes.

    Thank you in advance!


    There are variables for email subject and body content. Here is the list of all the variables you can use :


    In your case, please use '%HTTP_HOST%', %FormPageLink%, and %HTTP_REFERER% as need. See following screen shot for details :

    new-form-variables-for-email-subject-and-body.jpg 206K