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The form is loading fine but once the user enters their information, I get both MY copy of their booking AND theirs. The user isn't receiving any email - I'm getting both. How can I fix it so it works normally and both the user AND I get a copy of the form? Thanks in advance :)


In order to send a auto response email message to sender, the form requires a special form field - Email of sender. Under the "Sender Information" group, the "Email" field is used for filling up the email header "From:" information.

From the file you sent me, your form doesn't have that special email field. It only has "Generic Email" field, not "Email" of sender. please login your form admin panel, the click the "edit form" to change the "Generic Email" field to "Email" of sender. remember to download the modify form and put it back to your website.

See the screen shot for details: